Thank you for visiting Green Tree Montessori Materials. Green Tree Montessori Materials was founded in June of 2003 and has served the Montessori community ever since. We supply a full range of creative and high quality PDF curriculum resources. This helps to keep costs down and affordable to everyone. We provide lessons for Montessori preschools and elementary programs as well as for home schooling.
Our line of Montessori cultural materials includes both innovative materials as well as traditional Montessori materials.
The cultural lessons which we provide include: nomenclature units on a variety of topics, classification lessons, the popular three part lessons, sorting, matching and vocabulary enrichment activities. Some of our Montessori card materials include research.
Some of the subject areas we cover include:
• Montessori Biology
• Montessori Math and Geometry
• Montessori Sensorial
• Montessori Geography / History /culture
• Montessori Language Arts
• Montessori Music and Art
• Seasonal/Other Montessori lessons