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Animals in their habitats

These card sets are designed for classroom use. A master copy is included for children to colour, cut and make take home booklets. Black and white cards with six animals (Five animals in some kits) Each set includes: 12 picture cards, 7 description cards, 7 labels. 26 cards (22 in some kits) in each kit.
*NEW: Includes a colour paper copy for you to mount on the card stock of your choice.
ZA1 Desert wildlife Includes pictures of camel, gerbil, locust, Roadrunner,
sand cat and Gila monster.
* 26 cards

ZA2 Coral reef animals Includes pictures of sea horse, brain coral, green turtle,
sea star, Moray eel, and octopus.
* 26 cards.

ZA3 Rain forest
Includes pictures of poison-arrow frog, toucan, jaguar, leaf-cutter ant, black caiman, and chameleon.
* 26 cards.

ZA4 Wet land wildlife Includes pictures of crocodile, swamp rabbit, mudskipper,
Spoonbill, dragonfly, and beaver.
* 26 cards.

ZA5 Fresh water animals Includes pictures of otter, newt, trout, bar-headed goose,
Kingfisher and alligator.
* 26 cards.
ZA6 Mountain wildlife
Includes pictures of Rock ptarmigan, bighorn sheep, marmot,
Wapiti, bald eagle and mountain lion.
* 26 cards.

ZA7 Life on the seashore Includes pictures of periwinkle, sea-vase, sea anemone,
Puffin, sea slug, and goby.
*  26 cards.

ZA8 Grassland animals Both sets together (Prairie / Savannah anilmals). Includes pictures of lion, African elephant, warthog, rhinoceros, Cheetah, bison, prairie dog, black- footed ferret, pronghorn and Hawk.
* 44 cards

ZA8-1 Prairie animals
Includes pictures of bison, prairie dog, black- footed ferret,
pronghorn and hawk.
* 22 cards

ZA8-2 Savannah animals
Includes pictures of lion, African elephant, warthog,
Rhinoceros and cheetah.
* 22 cards

ZA9 Polar regions Both sets together (Arctic / Antarctic anilmals). Includes pictures of penguin, crabeater seal, leopard seal, Ross seal, albatross, caribou, polar bear, walrus, beluga and musk ox.
* 44 cards

ZA9-1 Arctic animals
Includes pictures of caribou, polar bear, walrus, beluga,
And musk ox.
* 22 cards

ZA9-2 Antarctic animals
Includes pictures of penguin, crabeater seal, leopard seal,
Ross seal and albatross.
* 22 cards

Nomenclature Units

We have a variety of exciting topics to give your zoology curriculum a new face lift.
All of our classified Nomenclature units include fully coloured illustrations, labels, a brief description of each highlighted section, and a fact file. Some units will have useful background information. Most of our nomenclatures are 5 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches, with a few exceptions. Most nomenclature kits include a durable heavy gauge vinyl plastic cover.
ZAM1 Nomenclature - Frog A brief introduction to amphibians, including a fact file.
* 14 picture cards
* 7 labels
* 7 definition cards.

Animal Body Coverings
Full colour matching game.
Body coverings of 24 animals of all different species featured in this fun filled popular activity. It looks simple... be warned, its challenging!
Suitable for both preschool as well as elementry programs.
* 2 control charts
* 24 full colour cards
* 24 lables to match

ZB1 Nomenclature - Bird
Along with a beautifully illustrated bird, a recognition guide of four common types of birds, their characteristics and a fact file included in this unit.
* 16 picture cards
* 9 labels
* 8 description cards.

Classification of Living/Nonliving
This unit introduces 'what life is all about'. The sorting activity includes 20 picture cards, 20 labels and a description on characteristics of living things. Master copy for reproduction is included.

ZC2 Classification of Plant / Animals
In this sorting activity, we have included a detailed list of characteristics of plants and animals, plus a fact file.
* 24 picture cards
* 14 labels and a master copy.

ZC3 Classification of Vertebrates / Invertebrates
This sorting activity includes an introduction to vertebrates and invertebrates. A fact file, 24 picture cards, 14 labels and a master copy included in this set.

ZF1 Nomenclature - Bony Fish
Characteristics of a bony fish, threee main groups of ish and a fact file, 16 picture cards, 8 description cards and 9 labels are included with this unit.

ZF2 Nomenclature - Cartilaginous Fish - Shark
This is a wonderful information-packed unit geared for those children who are fascinated by sharks.
* 14 picture cards
* 7description cards
* 8 labels.

ZI1 Nomenclature - Ladybug Did you know that this beetle is called different names depending on which continent you live? what a great way to introduce inscets to you students.
*14 picture cards
* 7 descripition cards
* 8 labels.

**Also included: A few couourful pictures of 5 different ladybugs.

ZM1 Nomenclature - Armadillo
Amaze yourself and your students with this fact filled unit about "the armoured one"
* 12 picture cards
* 6 description cards
* 7 labels.

ZM2 Nomenclature - Jaguars
This unit is filled with fascinating information of this spotted South American cat. Fact file included.
* 12 picture cards
* 6 description cards
* 8 labels.

ZM3 Nomenclature - Kangaroo Lots of interesting facts about this Australian marsupial are included in this unit.
* 12 picture cards
* 6 description cards
* 7 labels.

ZM4 Nomenclature - Leopard
Includes afact file and general information page on leopards.
* 14 pictures cards
* 8 labels
* 7 descriptions cards

ZM5 Nomenclature - Killer Whale
General information, their behaviour and a fact file is included in this unit.
* 14 picture cards
* 7 description cards
* 8 labels.

ZM6 Nomenclature - Pronghorn A fascinating fact file and information you wouldn't want to miss on this fastest North American mammal.
* 14 picutre cards
* 7 description cards
* 8 labels.

ZM7 Nomenclature - Rabbit
This is a very simple nomenclature suited for early readers as well as the advanced reader. Fact-filled information in this unit suits the more advanced reader.
* 14 picture cards
* 7 description cards
* 8 labels.

ZM8 Nomenclature - Moose
Another great North American Mammal featured. Did you know that the moose is the largest member of the deer family? Fact file and fascinating moose fact comes with this nomenclature.
* 14 picture cards
* 7 description cards
* 8 labels

ZM9 Nomenclature - Polar bear This fully coloured nomenclature of the majestic North American mammal could be purchsed seperately or as a part of our Introduction to canada unit.
* 14 picture cards
* 8 labels
* 7 description cards

ZR1 Nomenclature - Crocodile
A detailed informative unit on reptiles in general, a fact file and a full page on crocodiles and their life style included.
* 16 picture cards
* 8 description cards
* 9 labels.

ZR2 Nomenclature - Tortoise General information about reptiles, tortoises and a fact file is included in this set.
* 10 picture cards
* 5 description cards
* 6 labels.

LC1 Life cycle- Ladybug

* 4 full coloured pictures
* 4 black and white cards
* 4 description cards
* 4 labels